Jewelry Holder
I love the layers here: twisted driftwood and sleek copper pipe...a base of robin's egg-blue and stands of pearls and crystals...
Close-Up of Jewelry Holder
I love the grain and character of this beautiful piece of wood.
Mixed media letter
Charming. Compelling. Layered with meaning.
All tagged and ready for new homes..
...each piece is unique, locally-sourced, and handmade: perfect for holiday gifts.
Dinner?!  How can I make dinner...
when there are so many ideas to sketch?
Work in Progress
I'm so excited to be working on this driftwood wall hanging! Creating this starburst has been a goal of mine for a year, and it's been a challenge! I'm learning persistence, resourcefulness, umm...creative ways to express my frustration...
Front Porch Workshop
How lucky am I to have this beautiful place to do my work?
Afternoon sunlight...
in my garage work space
Happy place
I found some incredible pieces in Lac du Flambeau...dredged them up, completely waterlogged, from Ike Walton Lake
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