Julie Norman, Beachcomber

I'm Julie, a lifelong beachcomber, inspired and compelled by the beauty generated in nature.


Over the years, I've brought nature's creations into my home: smooth, round beach stones; twiggy birds' nests; plumes of turkey feathers; knobbly milkweed pods bursting with silky seeds; curly willow branches.  

Lately, I've been drawn to driftwood.  No two pieces are alike, and every discovery is more beautiful than the last.  Just when I think I've found the most gorgeous, twisted, uniquely-textured piece of drift, I turn and there's another that takes my breath away.  


I want to share this with you.


Right now, I have driftwood arrangements and candelabras for purchase.  The arrangements, or "Beach in a Jar," are perfect as a centerpiece, in the entry, or on the front porch.  The candelabras range from 14 inches to almost 5 feet in length. These make wonderful housewarming, hostess, or birthday gifts.  Or, perhaps you'll want one for yourself, as a reminder of the beach on those cold winter nights.


Are you planning a wedding or celebration with a beach theme or rustic vibe?  I'll happily rent you arrangements to suit your needs.  


Custom orders and arrangements?  Contact me - I'd love to collaborate with you.













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