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Jewelry Holder
Each jewelry holder is unique and sized to hold necklaces, bracelets, and watches.
Close-Up of Jewelry Holder
Jewelry Holder
Customizable multimedia letters
This piece is 7 1/4" square and has layers of text, watercolor, and a typewriter font letter. Letters are $18 up, depending on the custom options. This piece, $28.
Candle holder #1
This candle holder has exceptional texture and presence. At three feet, eight inches long, this is perfect for a tabletop or mantle. It features three votives in an off-center orientation. Price: $45
Candle holder #2
This beautiful piece was pulled from a lake in Lac du Flambeau. It measures 36+ inches and has a wonderful smooth texture. It holds five votives. Price: $65
Candle holder #3
This piece is special. At 53" long, it's perfect on a mantle or dining table, and adds a dramatic, yet graceful, touch to any space. Three votives are situated at one end, and two are at the opposite end. Price: $58.
Another view of candle holder #3
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Close-Up of Jewelry Holder